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In fact, it was a box in concrete with a roof and windows. The house stood in this state for ten years. According to the client, the object could be sold for 50,000,000 rubles, since all the houses in the village at that time were advertised at a price of 65,000,000-85,000,000 rubles. I tried to explain for a long time that not a single house in the village was sold at this price, which means that a finished house can be bought at a price of 60,000,000 rubles casinosenligneca.

And in our case, the buyer will approach the transaction evaluation using the cost method, realizing that after the restoration and finishing of the house bought from us for 50,000,000 rubles, the cost of the house will be such that it will not justify the transaction. In general, I was against such a price, but the client suggested that I still put the object up for sale, and lay the commission on top. I refused.

A year passed, the phone rang: “Could you still consider taking care of the house?” As a result, in six months we received the maximum offer from buyers of 35,000,000 rubles. Customers again refused to sell it.



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